Now is the Time to Unmask

This site is dedicated to the mask created by online social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Background Information

As a fellow undergraduate at the University of Central Florida, one can not help but feel overwhelmed with the possibilities of online usage. Information inundates at the click of a mouse, a screen can simultaneously speak to several people, calculate math, and research topics.

When the formation of identity becomes a prime concern, social networking sites offer an outlet for experimentation. Often times students stretch the limits until they become the most accepted version of themselves by their peers. Whether conscious or not, a simple status update juggles the owners actual meaning, the need for acceptance, the anticipation of reactions and the understanding of social norms. Eventually the status update becomes either a watered down, or attention-needing induced warped version of the authors original meaning. Social Networking

What is the Mask?

The mask refers to the altered version of self presented by individuals on online social networking sites. The small tweeks to the status to gain more “likes”, the overly edited picture, the select showing of socially popular activities and the burying of activities deemed uncool.

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